This artist, remixer, producer and DJ thrives off the edm bass music scene. She is known to mix all different types of Bass music together to form her own unique sound. Her roots are breakbeats, house, jungle and hip hop. She grew up as a house dancer turned breakdancer who was compelled by these beat. Her roots also run deep with Reggae and dancehall. Through the years she grew a deep love for Dubstep, Drum and Bass and Trap Music. Anything Bass heavy and soulful that evokes good feelings is her kind of style. “There is good music in all genres, as long as you have good taste in music!”

Bliss was born and raised near Philadelphia ,PA, where she embarked her journey DJing in 2005. She had residencies all over the city and was a big part of promotion for the underground scene. She played many shows in NYC and all over New England. She then moved to Baltimore, MD and soon had many residencies in that city as well as DC and surrounding areas down south.

Bliss always had a love for the bay area music scene for many years and some of her biggest influences are from there. She now lives in The Bay Area, California and plays all over the state. Her style now a days is very bass heavy, breakbeat, hip hop influenced tracks with a Dubstep, ragga and jungle feel. She plays from 70 bpm to 180bpm mixing in many different genres. Being a dancer she is known to bring lots of energy to the decks and knows what to play to get peoples feet moving! There is never a dull moment when she is on the decks.
She has released a bunch of tracks and is about release a full length album. She has been working with producer Tommy D. Daugherty formally of Death Row records. She has been playing guitar and keys since she was a child. She has a great ear for music and strictly uses turntables as her instrument. You can catch her scratching during her sets adding to the hype of the crowd! If your lucky you may even catch her doing one of her breakdance performances in-between mixing and scratching!

She has played many Massive parties as well as festivals with many big name producer. She has played all over the United States and has performed with major artists such as KRS ONE, Glitch Mob, Russ Liquid, Shortee, Break Science, Eliot Lipp, U-Melt, Sophistafunk,RadioActive,Freaky Flow, DB, Electric Indigo, AC Slater, Charles Feelgood, Bassbin Twins, AK 12000, Annalyze, RSK, Down Jones, Endboss, Dev79, Remarc, R.A.W. aka 6Blocc, DJ Hype, Joker, Frankie Bones, Reid Speed, Nick Argon, Rico Tubbs, B. Rich, Dj Swamp, Dj Logic, Joe Nice,DJ Odi, Andy C., Phantom 45, JGB, Dumpstafunk,Roots of Creation,Skerik, ,Lettuce, Kill The Noise, and Evol Intent, Baby Anne, Heavygrinder, Tittsworth, 2Rip, Venom, and many more.

Bliss tours all over the United States, keeping the Old Skool Vibe Alive and raging dancefloors from city to city.