Bgirl Flowetry EP out September 14th

Bgirl Flowetry EP out September 14th


September 1st, 2019

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Madam Bliss’s newest album Bgirl Flowetry is now available on all platforms. This 5 track EP is a high energy EDM/Hip hop album that ranges from Trapped out breakbeats to hip hop flavored sub bass all seasoned with funky elements. 2 of the tracks feature Madam Bliss’s sensual vocals. There is also a free bonus track give away coming up on the 12th of September called Run Dat that captures halftime jungle and juke elements with a reggae melody feel. A track premiere is coming out September 11th in International DJ Magazine. There is a video premiere for her track Bossanova Bitch which is scheduled for September 13th in Fame Magazine as well! Stay tuned and keep a close eye on this producer, cause there is lots to come! If you are interested in a pre order of the alubm, copy and paste this link into your browser :

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